Best 40 books you must reading on optometry


If you are an optometry student. These are the books you must follow.

Best book for Optometry’s students

List of books 

  1. Clinical visual optics by Bennet AG & Rabbets RB.
  2. Adler’s physiology of eye by Hart WM.
  3. Physiology of vision by Davson H, Churchill Livingstone
  4. Vision and Visual perception by Wiley.
  5. Clinical refraction by Borish
  6. Clinical optics by Fannin TE and Grosvernor
  7. Park’s and Park’s community and social medicine
  8. Methods of Biostatistics by B.K.Mahajan
  9. Community eye health – An international journal to promote eye health
  10. Parson’s Eye disease
  11. Ophthalmology by A.K Khurana
  12. Primary care optometry by Theodor Grosvenor
  13. Clinical ophthalmology by JJ Kanski
  14. American Academy of Ophthalmology all series
  15. Principles of an ophthalmic lens by Jalie M
  16. Dictionary of optometry by Millodot .M
  17. Binocular vision and ocular motility by Von Noorden
  18. Binocular anomalies By Griffin JR, Grisham
  19. Binocular vision anomalies: Investigation and treatment by Pickwell LD
  20. Contact lenses: Textbook for practitioners and students by stone J & Phillips AJ
  21. Contact lens manual: a practical fitting guide Gasson A & Morris
  22. Complications of contact lens Wear by Tomlinson
  23. IACLE contact lens manual all modules new edition
  24. Functional assessment of low vision, Mosby’s Optometric problem-solving series by Rosenthal BP , Cole RG
  25. Clinical low vision, Faye E. Little brown and company
  26. Low vision manual
  27. Essentials of low vision
  28. Optometric management of visual handicapped by Farrall .H
  29. System of ophthalmic dispensing by Borish
  30. Wills eye manual
  31. Squint and orthoptics by AK Khurana
  32. Clinical procedures of optometry
  33. Steven Schwartz-Geometrical and Visual Optics-McGraw-Hill Medical (2013)
  34. Bhattacharya-Textbook of Visual Science and Clinical Optometry-Jaypee Brothers Medical   Publishers (P) Ltd. (2009)
  35. Edward S. Bennett, Vinita Allee Henry-Clinical Manual of Contact Lenses-LWW (2013)
  36. Clinical orthoptics by f. Rowe
  37. Electrophysiology of vision by Byron
  38. Textbook of corneal topography Jaypee publications.
  39. Anterior and posterior segment OCT by Jaypee publications.
  40. Ophthalmic ultrasound by Jaypee publications
  41. The practical handbook of FFA by Jaypee publication

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