Celebrated World Vision Experts Day, the role of vision experts is claimed to be important


Kathmandu. World Vision Specialist Day is also celebrated in Nepal with various programs. Nepal Optometry Association and Nepal Optometry Student Society organized various programs on the occasion of World Sight Expert Day on Saturday.

On the occasion, experts organized a rally under the slogan “Vision Special for Eye Services”. The rally ended at TRI Teaching Hospital via Chakrapath, Basundhara and Kanti Hospitals. The rally was attended by students studying optometry, teachers, optometrists and people related to eye health.

In the program organized on the occasion, President of Nepal Netrajyoti Sangh Prof. Dr. Tirtha Prasad Mishra said that the leap in the health sector of Nepal has taken a leap. Prada Mishra said that it was a great achievement for Nepal to be fully dependent on eye treatment and to be able to help abroad even in the absence of a government-owned hospital for eye treatment.

President of Nepal Optometry Association Niraj Dev Joshi said that the role of eye specialists in the field of eye treatment is very important. He lamented the lack of coordination from the state, saying that they were working not only to test and treat the eyesight of the elderly from school but also to spread public awareness in the field of eye health.

Treasurer of the Association Junu Shrestha, President of Nepal Optometry Student Society Kapil Gautam, President of Tantra Students Union Maharajgunj Medical Campus Dr. Milan Gaire and others had urged to be vigilant before losing the light of eyes.

Production of vision specialists was started in Nepal 20 years ago. Currently, there are 700 vision specialists in Nepal. Of them, the number of those who have studied in Nepal is only around 100. The remaining 600 have come to Nepal after studying abroad and are working as eye specialists.

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