“Eyes and Optometrists”

Samagya Bhattarai

Poem – Optometry Talent

I am an eye
Ah, actually we are
Cause I have a partner too
But sadly, its a kind of Long Distance Relationship
We are always separated and can never meet each other
Still, we trust each other a lot and work simultaneously
We are connected with tiny nerve fibres, and work together to visualize everything for our host

We do capture beautiful pictures
and have the highest resolution
Pupil acts as a diaphragm and
Retina is where the image is focused
We both have our respective powers
Sometime its equal and sometime its not
Also, sometime its more than needed
and other time its lesser too

And, you know what?
We have some good friends who can make us see clearer if we can’t on our own
Who can be them,
Other than contact lens and spectacles?

They are both equally good for us
But only, if the prescription is right
Prescription given are not always correct
But there are Optometrists, whom we trust the most
Not only for the prescription of glasses and contacts
But they are the one who make our relationship stronger

When one or both of us are lazy, they give us occlusion therapy
When we can’t converge properly as a team, they give us vision therapy

Sometimes we are not straight but are crossed
And there are these Optometrists always ready for help
Either it be a problem of accommodation or fluctuation of power
Optometrists help us to recover and are our reviver

They also help us when we are red and need some medication
And if the condition is severe, then still they help us with the proper referral

Not only for regular and irregular corneas
They are also there for patients with low vision criterias

We are eyes and we always want clarity in vision
And thank you dear Optometrists, as we are getting it and you are the major reason !

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