Happy Teacher’s Day

Teachers Day Flyer & Ms Solu Gautam

Teacher’s Day
When I was unfamiliar with A, B, C and D,
You were there to stay aside me
When I used to cry to escape from schooling,
You were the one to console me in a blink!!

When it was gloom for me to read and write,
You were the one to shed me with a light
When my mind used to get divert
You were the one who made me alert
You taught me all about norms and values!!

All I am today is just because of you
Thank you for being such an incredible mentor
The one whom I will never forget to adore
I may not get to praise your contribution everyday!!

But in my heart, you’ll forever slay
To each individual who have been a teacher
In one way, or the other
I guess I haven’t been delayed
To wish you all ‘A Very Happy Teachers Day’’

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