Optometry study in Nepal: Common Entrance Examination (CEE)


Are you an aspirant of Optometry profession with unbound dilemmas as of how to begin and from where?

Worry not! We are here to provide you with all the required information regarding how to start pursuing your career in Optometry.


Before 2020, Optometry education was being provided at three different universities in Nepal (Institute of Medicine (IOM)/ Tribhuvan University, National Academy of Medical Science and Pokhara University) and the students were enrolled through conduction of entrance exam by the own university where,

Institute of Medicine (IOM) used to take entrance of 100 questions (Physics = 25,Chemistry = 25, Zoology = 30 & Botany = 20),

National Academy of Medical Science (NAMS) used to take the entrance of 100 questions [PCB= 40 (Physics = 10,Chemistry = 10, Zoology = 10 Botany = 10), Ophthalmic = 40 questions and General health = 20] and

Pokhara University used to take entrance of 100 questions (Math= 25, English = 25,Chemistry = 25, Biology = 25).

From the recent year of 2020, the scenario has changed. Now the students will be enrolled in different universities through common entrance exam which will be taken by Nepal Medical Educational Commission (NMEC). The entrance exam will follow the pattern of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) with two hundred questions from different subjects.

How to prepare for Optometry entrance?

Mero Eye Foundation is conducting ENTRANCE PREPARATION CLASSES for Optometry study since a very long time in Nepal. The entrance program is being continued with the combined effort of entire team members (Professional Optometrist & Optometry Students’) of Mero Eye. The classes are basically taken by experienced university‚Äôs faculties & students (IOM, NAMS) who have years of teaching experience in the respective field. The venue for entrance class is  Vibrant institute, Anamnagar, Putalisadak, Kathmandu.

Please contact us, if you want to enrol yourself.

What are the study materials?

We prefer the hard book which was associated with Mero eye faculties published by Samikshya Publication || Click for Online order ||

University and Hospitals for Optometry Study in Nepal with the number of seats:
1. Institute of Medicine, BPKLCOS (IOM, TUTH)
(Students Number:6+1+3=10) *

2. National Academy of Medical Science (NAMS)
(Student Number:30+10=40) *
NAMS has been distributing its students for study in the various eye institutes of Nepal:

  • Bharatpur Eye Hospital (Student Number: 8)
  • Biratnagar Eye Hospital (Student Number: 8)
  • Lumbini Eye Institute and Research Centre (Student Number: 8)
  • Nepal Eye Hospital (Student Number: 8)
  • Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology (Student Number: 8)

3. Pokhara University
i. Himalayan Eye Institute (Student Number: 15+2=17)

*(Payment: Foreign:  Scholarship)

Common Entrance Examination by National Academy of Medical Science (NAMS): 

Ophthalmic science20
Ocular Anatomy and diseases8
Investigative Optometry4
Refractive error & Ophthalmic Lens2
Basic science in Optometry (Pharmacology/Pathology/Microbiology)4
Optometry in Community2

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