Optometry Study in Nepal – TU(IOM), NAMS, PoU


This article will give information about universities to those who are solely interested to pursue their carrier in optometry. It has been 2 decades of the establishment of optometry in Nepal of which the first optometry school in Nepal is an Institute of Medicine (IOM), T.U which initiated the study of bachelor in optometry in the year 1998 A.D with the help New Zealand, Auckland University. With the passing year, the number of optometry schools increased tremendously, and several universities are providing optometry education in Nepal at present. Since the beginning of optometry education in Nepal, both the bachelor & master in optometry students were enrolled through entrance exam conducted by respective universities but since 2020, both the bachelor and master entrance is being taken by NMEC (Nepal Medical Education Commission). We are providing here the detailed information regarding the total number of seats of Optometry study in Nepal.

Bachelor Optometry Program
Currently, the following three universities are running bachelor’s in optometry education in Nepal:

1. Institute of Medicine, BPKLCOS (IOM, TUTH)
(Students Number:7+3=10) *

2. National Academy of Medical Science (NAMS)
(Student Number:30+10=40) *
NAMS has been distributing its students for study in the various eye institutes of Nepal:
i. Bharatpur Eye Hospital (Student Number: 8)
ii. Biratnagar Eye Hospital (Student Number: 8)
iii. Lumbini Eye Institute and Research Centre (Student Number: 8)
iv. Nepal Eye Hospital (Student Number: 8)
v. Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology (Student Number: 8)

3. Pokhara University
i. Himalayan Eye Institute (Student Number: 15+2=17)

{Overall B. Optom seats in Nepal till now is 67 seats including IOM}

Master Optometry Program
The only one university i.e. Pokhara university is running Master’s in optometry education in Nepal.
(Student Number:10+2+1=13) *
Pokhara University
The M.Optom students of Pokhara university are distributed for study in the following eye hospitals:
i. Himalayan Eye Institute (Student Number: 5)
ii. Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology (Student Number: 7)

(Student Number: Scholarship+Payment) in IOM, *(Student Number: Payment+ Reservation) in NAMS

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