RAAB Survey 2020, Nepal


According to the 1981 National Blindness Survey, the prevalence of blindness in Nepal was 0.84%. 39,887 people in 105 clusters were surveyed all over the country. Similarly, 2010 RAAB survey covered 43,307 people of 615 clusters and the prevalence of blindness was 0.35%.There was almost a 60% reduction in the prevalence of blindness as compared to the previous findings and the wye care system in the country were considered to be one of the most successful health interventions.

The 2020 survey has been designed to cover 33845 people of age 50 and over in 967 clusters in all 7 provinces of the country. But the ongoing RAAB survey has been halted due to Corona pandemic crisis. Till now, the survey data collection has been completed in six provinces and 40% in the remaining one province. Preliminary findings of the surveys show that prevalence of blindness has not been reduced significantly as compared to the data of 2010 survey.

However, the cataract surgical coverage at visual acuity of 3/60 and visual outcome of cataract surgery has been significantly improved in recent years. It is believed that the RAAB survey data on blindness and visual impairment will be useful for provincial government to have provincial eye health plans as the health administration and planning is the responsibility of the provincial government.

Reference: iapb.org/news

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