“Uncle Optometrist” Poem by Ms Asmita Pokhrel

Ms Asmita Pokhrel

Once upon a time many years back
Was a little girl as beautiful as lilac,
Her momma said she didn’t creep or crawl,
While rest of her friends always tagged her as a trouble …

One fine day, uncle Optometrist visited her home,
Observed the little girl playing alone,
Went closer to examine what and why,
Found out immediately she was struggling with her eye …

Convinced her parents how important it was,
Getting her vision corrected would make her a star,
Hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism were the main thief
Uncle Optometrist explained each of them in brief…

Happy was the little girl to see everything clear,
A high myopia was stopping her to play with her peers,
Sure was uncle Optometrist a savior,
Visiting uncle Optometrist will settle down all the struggles of adaptive behaviours…

Her momma told the story of uncle Optometrist to her neighbor,
Know that amblyopia and strabismus discourages the child to labour,
Delivering therapies to make their eyes stronger,
Slowly makes the child love reading for longer….

The neighbor interrupted) would her grandma get cured?
Multipal retinal surgery left her grandma’s vision unassured,
“See uncle Optometrist” replied her momma carefree,
Low vision devices made its way in eyecare revolutionary….

Surprised to see uncle Optometrist changing the lives,
Rose up in an uncle with TBI;so many positive vibes,
With active therapies day and night,
Restored all the beautiful gift of sight…

The good news circulated to an one eyed man,
The mockery to him surely will soon ban,
Uncle Optometrist made him a prosthetic eye,
The one eyed man failed in words to gratify..

Not just glasses and contact lens,
Uncle Optometrist stand strong in research trends ,
With his expertise in eye care,
Always remember to visit him when your vision interferes…

So many eye camps uncle optometrist would go,
Striving to enhance the eyecare was his vow,
Serving the community, the country and the humankind
That’s how uncle Optometrist got the “Vision” redefined….

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