Vision Therapy e-Fellowship Program


Optometry Education Upliftment Program in VISION THERAPY ( OEUP-VT)

By Mero Eye Foundation

Mero Eye Foundation proudly announce an Optometry Education Upliftment Program on VISION THERAPY (OEUP-VT). This e-fellowship program is designed to improvise sub-speciality based Optometric practice on Binocular Vision & Vision Therapy.

What are the expected outcomes?

To build expertise among optometrist regarding behavioural vision care and optometric vision therapy

The program will involve four modules
1. General concepts in behavioural vision care and optometric vision therapy
2. Visual dysfunctions related to near works (non-strabismic binocular vision disorders)
3. Amblyopia/Strabismus
4. Special populations

(A) General concepts in behavioural vision care and optometric vision therapy
– Introduction to the behavioural concept of vision
– Visual Development and developmental milestones
– Primitive reflexes and its importance
– Relation of vision and learning

(B) Visual dysfunctions related to near work (non-strabismic binocular vision disorders)

– Things to be considered while evaluating visual dysfunctions due to near works (different vergence anomalies, accommodation anomalies)
– Recent concepts in the management of visual dysfunctions due to near point stress
– Role of lens and prisms to rehabilitate visual dysfunctions
– Active vision therapy from the behavioural approach

(C) Special population
– Basic overview and introduction to a population with special needs
– Guidelines for vision screening and diagnosis
–  Optometric Management and Treatment of population with special needs
– Recent advancement in rehabilitation, Treatment and enhancement

Mero Eye foundation and OEUP-VT e-Fellowship program. We are planning to conduct this fellowship program by 22nd, August. But, it is must-have you registered for the program prior particularly till 2oth August 2020. We hope you already got the requested information.
Soon after you get registered, we will suffice you with the study material that will come handy throughout the programme.

Click Here for For Registration 

For registration
For Nepales
Account No: +977 9843239292
Bank Details
Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB)
Account Holder Name: Kapil Gautam
Account Number: 175001359110
Bank Branch & Address: Kalanki, Kathmandu, Nepal

For India
Account Holder Name: Ritu Bhandari
Account Number: 916010057401651
Bank Branch & Address: AXIS BANK LTD ADDADAKHA (PB), ADDADAKHA,1411102
IFSC Code: UTIB0000197

About Classes

  • Every Saturday or Wednesday Will be taken.
  • Classes will be conducting soon


More Details 

Click to Download: Info – Vision Therapy – OEUP PDF

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