Why is World Vision Day celebrated?


World Sight Day is celebrated every Thursday in the second week of October. Therefore, it has fallen on October 10 this year.

Today we are going to draw a picture of blindness and blindness all over the world. Today we are celebrating World Vision Day with the slogan “Vision First”.

World Vision Day was first observed by the Lions Clubs International Foundation in the year 2000. Today, World Vision Day is being celebrated in collaboration with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (Vision 2020).

Objectives of World Vision Day:

For public awareness
To inform the government and various organizations
To prevent blindness and low vision
To support Vision 2020 plans and programs
Today, this day is being celebrated as a special festival in various eye hospitals of Nepal, including the Department of Health Services, Department of Health Services, Government of Nepal.

The Nepalese Association of Optometrists (NAO) and students also have a special role to play in this day.

Nepal Optometry Student’s Society (NOSS) has participated in various activities such as rallies and public awareness programs.

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